Crab Cake FAQ

1. How much does the shipping cost?

You can use our online order form to get a shipping quote, just enter the zip code of the address you want to ship the crab cakes to and all of our items will have shipping prices shown.

2. Why is shipping so expensive?

We have to ship overnight, and the reason we have to ship overnight is because we ALWAYS ship fresh crab cakes, NEVER frozen. In our opinion, nothing beats a freshly made product, and this is especially true when it comes to crab cakes. Crab meat has a high water content and thin cell wall, so freezing causes the expanding water to break the cell walls which results in a soggy crab cake. In order to save $$$ in shipping costs, some of our competitors will freeze their crab cakes and ship them 2nd day, but we feel it is well worth the money to have a fresh crab cake vs. a frozen one.

3. Do your crab cakes have filler in them?

Our crab cakes have a small amount of bread crumbs in them to help hold the crab cake together.

4. What kind of crab meat do you use?

We use all Jumbo Lump Blue Crab meat.

5. Do you make your crab cakes in advance?

We make our crab cakes fresh each day with fresh Jumbo Lump crab meat. We have Jumbo lump crab meat delivered every day of the week except for Sundays. When you place your order, we wait until the last minute to make your order to ensure we are giving you the freshest crab cakes possible.

6. What is the cut off time for placing my order so it goes out today?

Online orders can be sent 24 hours after they are received. And you are able to choose future dates for shipping. Phone orders that are received by 12:00 PM, can go out the same day (Monday – Thursday)

7. How do I cook them?

There are cooking instructions in the box (along with some old bay). If you cannot locate the instructions, please refer to the cooking instructions on this web-site.

8. Can I ship outside of the USA?

Currently we only ship to addresses within the USA.

9. What is the shelf life of the crab cakes?

We recommend using the crab cakes in 2-3 days.

10. How do you ship your crab cakes?

We use UPS overnight delivery and pass along the 50% discount we receive off published rates.

11. How can I track my order?

Go to UPS.com and enter the tracking number that we emailed you.

12. What if my package doesn't arrive when it was promised?

What if my package doesn’t arrive when it was promised? Give us a call if the package doesn’t make it to it’s destination by the end of day (typically 5pm, but during the holidays it may be 9pm) and we will review your order.

13. Can I call in an order?

Absolutely, if you feel more comfortable completing the
transaction over the phone, please give us a call at 410-239-0063.

14. Can I include a note with my package?

Sure, just be sure to write your message in the gift message box when ordering.

15. Can I pick them up at Greenmount Station?

Sure, just give us a call 1 day before you are ready to pick them and we will have them packed up and ready to go.

16. Do your boxes go through airport security?

Yes, they can be carried on or checked with the rest of your luggage.

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